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Ruth E. Beverly Acrylic Artist

Exhibition Work

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Canadas on Ice
Special Recognition Award,Light Space Time All Photography Art Exhibition 2013

Flicker in the Snow
12x12 Exhibit online 2013, MTSU

The Gates of the Mountains

This painting was displayed in the Journey's End National Art Exhibition in Astoria, Oregon, November 11-27, 2005

Everything Under the Sun
This painting went on tour with the Art for Agriculture Exhibit, 2004/ 05

This painting is included in a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh hosted
by the city of Zundert, The Netherlands since July, 2003.  The painting is
part of a permanent collection of works created specifically for
this event.

Crocus in Orchard

While on an early spring search for subject matter, I found this orchard carpeted with deep blue crocuses and thought immediately of Van Gogh!