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Ruth E. Beverly Acrylic Artist


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Find my award winning photo 'Canadas on Ice' in the
Special Recognition Artists  catagory of this show online from December 2012.

December 2012
I recently entered some of my mini paintings in a juried show at Middle Tennessee State University. They had over 450 entries.  I didn't get into the on campus exhibit, but I did make the cut for the permanent online exhibit for 2013:
181 pieces were screened for inclusion on a permanent webpage that will be attached to in recognition of a combination of artistry, originality, technical merit, and juror discretion associated with each piece selected.

Ruth E. Beverly Acrylic Artist
Painting in acrylics for over 30 years.
Ruth entered coloring contests as a child and remembers winning a set of toy telephones for drawing and coloring a picture of Daniel Boone for a local children's television show.  Later,  she received her first blue ribbon for a drawing of a rose she entered in a county fair.  The following includes her curriculm-vitae as well as her numerous awards.

Ruth E. Beverly

Elgin, OR

Summary of qualifications: Ruth E Beverly has been creating works of art for over 50 years. Interested in art from childhood, she has taken every opportunity to improve her ability. Working in different arts communities over the past 35 years has expanded her outlook. Using various media, including pencil, ink, watercolor, oil and acrylic, Ruth has developed a distinctive style of her own. She works primarily in acrylics, using a variety of surfaces including clay board, gessoed board, canvas, wood and watercolor paper.

Native of Oregon, Ruth graduated high school in Junction City 1969


1969- 1970 Bob Jones University Greenville, S.C.

Art Education major

    One year college, 1970-2012: 40+ years self-taught

    Misc. short workshops attended for portrait, scientific illustration, and fluid acrylics, plus years of observation and practice.Professional experience1971- 2012

    Sales of approximately 80 paintings.1971-2012

    3 commissions for portraits , Butler , PA ( 1992, 93)

    2 months-Featured artist at Clackamas Co. Library ,Clackamas, OR (1997)

    3 weeks-Featured artist at Starbucks, Gresham, OR (1997)

    1 commission for portrait, Portland, OR (1998)

    1 commission for family tree, Clackamas, OR (1998)

    Saturday Featured artist at By the Sea Gallery, Bandon, OR (2000)

    Art work featured on North Clackamas Art Guild 2000 Show brochures

    Represented by Gallery International East, Clackamas, Or. 1997-2001

    Northwind Designs, Lake Oswego, Or 1998-1999

    Represented by By the Sea Gallery, Bandon, Or. 2000-2001

    Gresham City Hall Visual Arts Gallery ( entries in 3 separate shows) 2000

    Demonstration for NCAG - Introduction to Acrylics 3/2001

    Participated in judging the School of Tomorrow Regional Convention Art Competition. 3/ 2001

    Sunnyside Village Center Art Show Participant 5/19/2001Professional memberships North Clackamas Art Guild- Serving as Vice -President 2000-2001, 2001-2002.

    2012- Represented by The Dancing Elephant Gallery, LLC. Baker City, OR.


    Various teaching experiences with gradeshcool children in private, public and home school situations 1990-2012.




  • 1970-1989- various awards from county fairs in Oregon and Washington.
  • 1990 Freeport Area Art Show, Freeport, PA : 3rd place Butler County Music and Arts Festival, Butler, PA : 1rst place, sale Saxsonburg, PA : 1rst place

  • 1991 Butler County Music and Arts Festival, Butler, PA : 1rst Place/ Hon. Mention

  • 1994 Clackamas County Fair, Canby, OR: 2nd , 3rd, 3rd places.

  • 1998 Gladstone Art Show, Gladstone, OR: 1rst place

  • 1999 Wallowa Arts Festival, Joseph, OR : 2 pieces juried for show
    Artwork hung in the governor's office: 
Artist and Young Artist of the Year Competition,London,England : awarded Highly Commended

North Clackamas Art Guild Annual Show : 2 firsts, Best of Media, Best of Show

Visual Arts Showcase Beaverton,OR: 1 piece juried for show

  • 2000 North Clackamas Art Guild in-house-show : 1rst place (oil and acrylic)

North Clackamas Art Guild in-house-show : 2nd place (miniature)

Gladstone Art Show : 2 second places, 2 first places, Best of Media (oil and acrylic)

  • 2000 NCAGArt Show : 1rst place, 2nd place and runner up -Best of Media (oil and acrylic)

By the Sea Gallery, Bandon, OR Miniature Art Competition : 1rst place

Hollywood Booster's Art Fair, Portland, OR : 2nd place

  • 2001 NCAG in-house-show - 2nd place (works on paper), 

NCAG in-house-show - 4 way tie-1rst place ( oils and acrylics)

  • 2002-International Painting Competition- NAFA 2002 Bronze Award (Brazil)
  • 2003 Acrylics Art October Exhibition (Yahoo Groups)  Best of Show  (Seasons)
  • 2003 Acrylics Art December Exhibition (Yahoo Groups)  Grand Prize ("Simple Pleasures"- Friends in a Garden)
  • 2004  North Clackamas Art Guild(In house "Animals" show- Birdfeeder) 1rst Place  2/10/04
  • 2004 Art About Agriculture, Oregon  State University, College of Agricultural Sciences: Watercolor "Everything Under the Sun" Juried in for Show/Tour beginning 2/22/2004
  • 2005 "Gates of the Mountains" juried into Journey's End National Art Exhibition in Astoria, Oregon.
  • 2006   "Pheonix", guache of champion Freasian horse, tied for second place in the January NCAG inhouse "works on paper" show.
  • 2006  "Friendly Giants" won first place in the Fine Art division of the Elgin "Riverfest" art show, "Art Rocks".
  • 2006 Summer and Fall Exhibition Acrylics Art  "Tulips" received Honorable Mention
  • 2007    Winter and Spring Exhibition Acrylics Art
    "Sunset Over Mount Emily" received Third Place
  • 2007 Elgin "Riverfest" art show, "Art Rocks": The Peace of Lace" won Second Place in graphic division, "Wild Iris in Captivity" won first place in color photo division, "4 leaf clover painted rocks won "Judges Choice" in unique creations and "Chess Mess" a decopaged card table top won "Out of the Box" in the same catagory.
  • Fall to Winter 2007 Exhibition, Acrylics Art : First Place for "Lucy".
  • 2008
  • Fall to Winter 2008 Exhibition, Acrylics Art: First Place for "Shy Beauty".
  • 2009
    "Art Rocks", Elgin Riverfest:
    FIne Art Landscape, "Morning Mist",First Place
    FIne Art Landscape, "Reflections", Second Place
    Fine Art Landscape, "Martino's", Third Place


          "Art Rocks", Elgin Riverfest:

  • Fine Art : "Sack Race", First Place
  • Fine Art:  "Gettysburg", Best in Technique
  • Fine Art:  "Tulips", Best Use of Color


  •  Art is for the Birds Exhibition,Photograph: 3-Mirrored received Honorable Mention


  • "Flicker in the Snow" mini acrylic painting juried into 2013 online show

           Middle Tennessee State University.


From paintersinternational website
As written on:
Date:  Wed Oct 1, 2003  12:00 pm
Subject:  Re: New member Cynthia

Hi Ruth,

I visited your site and the works are wonderful. From what I've
seen, you have captured both the elements of great art and
salability, in that your work contains the criteria for
collectibility. However, a work doesn't have to meet all of them to
be considered great art. Picasso's "Bull's Head" is considered great
art, even though it's a bicycle seat and inverted handle bars simply
because it uses a "leap in the imagination. This is the criteria by
which art is collected by professional collectors and not necessarily
in this order:

(1) thought-provoking
(2) "leap in the imagination"
(3) aesthetics (the formal conditions of beauty)
(4) subject matter
(5) the artist's stature.

The landscapes put me in a state-of-mind of actually being there and
the process of shaping your images from your metal processes while
discarding some and embracing in your images to life showed a
distinct leap in the imagination.

And with regards to aesthetics, the use of light, composition (except
for the shed), clarity of arrangement, repetition or consistency, and
contrast or variety are all there. I saw rhythm, harmony, pure
design, and the laws of principality, repetition, continuity,
curvature, radiation, and contrast. These all require thought, and
thought-provoking work is coveted by collectors since it reflects
their individual standards.

Subject matter relates to the artist finding their niche in the
marketplace. You might find your niche with private collectors with a
specific interest in landscape design or gardening or corporate
collectorsjust because it's soothing and creates a pleasant
atmosphere for employees. If you're representing yourself, contact
Facility Managers or the corporate viewing committees about sending
slides to them.

The artist's stature comes with time. It's dependent on the shows,
publications in which your work appears and the collections of which
it is a part. These should all appear on your resume, which I would
have liked to have seen. I don't know what your goals are as an
artist. Maybe you're like many artists, you simply love creating,
and enjoying a comfortable living as an artist. If you are seeking
major status in the artworld, for the museums take an artist
seriously, (by their standards - not mine) they demand a solo show
every other year with group shows in between.

But, your work definitely can take you anywhere you want to be. Much
success to you.


Cynthia Houppert